Saturday, 12 October 2013

first flirtation with Twitter

After resisting Twitter for a LONG time I delved into yet another media realm a week or so ago and on Thursday evening participated in my first "chat" on Twitter.

I am STILL trying to come to terms with the WHOLE experience. It felt so incredibly messy - so the absolute opposite of what I am trying to achieve with the children I am working with - where we are learning to take it in turns to talk, learning to listen to each other and learning to take time to comprehend what we are all saying and reflect.

This twitter chat business - well everyone seemed to be talking AT THE SAME TIME - and it was all going off in tangents - and which thread did I want to follow? - and which thread WAS I following? - and was everyone REALLY understanding what was being said? - well HOW can you when all the time you are having to write headlines to explain great thoughts?

I like twitter as a shout out - as a way of saying - hi there I am here with this thought - but as a forum to discuss - well I found it REALLY limiting. It was like continuously scratching the surface and never being allowed to dig deeper - because of this headline technique of writing - or the number of abbreviations having to be used to be able to get all the words in that you want... or having to write 1/2 for tweet one and 2/2 for tweet two when you KNOW you are simply not going to manage getting THAT thought down in that limited amount of words.

Now I know I have an problem with keeping it short - and I know that Twitter is still new to me, but that chat felt totally wierd (although it was a VERY fast hour) - and I have to admit I had to go back and re-read everything and write comments without that stressful fury of "3 new tweets" "6 new tweets" - and yes maybe I will get used to this... but I am not sure that I want to...

I LIKE my dialogues to be a little slower and with more reflection and with the option of writing lots of explanation if needs be - and I have had this on various facebook groups where a few teachers have been responding to a thread at the same time - and there becomes a great international dialogue - which I have found MORE rewarding than the twitter chat which felt like verbal vomit - LOADS of dialogue being thrown up onto the screen at the same time...

I am not giving up on Twitter - and I will give these chats some more attempts ( I do like how it connects you with new people) - but it does concern me a little that Twitter chats do not give much time for reflection as SO many ideas and statements and questions are being thrown out at the same time - and none being given the room to explore... I just hope that those participating do take the time to explore them later in a different format.

too much at once!!! (photo taken by one of my preschoolers! - and if you are wondering I am singing the Pippi Longstocking song - hair lifting is part of the process to pretend we have plaits like Pippi!!)

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  1. I quite enjoy the Twitter chats (particularly #Kinderchat), but I think you have to realise that the time for reflection comes after. The chat at the time is a whirlwind (in fact I found the first one I joined in with quite stressful!).

    I love that it provides you with the opportunity to connect with new people though; people who are in the same position as you, people who make you think & who can help & advise you.

    As for the dialogue & following the thread, well I investigate the things that 'stick with me' after a chat, & leave behind the things that don't. There is always the opportunity to follow up threads with the people involved at a later date. It just opens up avenues, I guess.

    Anyway, it was lovely chatting with you on #Kinderchat last night. Keep chatting! ;-)
    ... Rachel (",) - @HilaryWhite3