Monday, 14 October 2013

Ode to a cleaner

Here is my heart felt thank you to all those amazing people who keep preschools clean - the ones that take pride in their work and really make the place clean.

Because as a preschool teacher I am on the floor a lot - so my appreciation of cleaners is HUGE. To be able to move across the floor without the feeling that you are cleaning the floor with your clothes is so much appreciated - and I am quite sure the children who are on the floor, playing on the floor, lying on the floor and then sticking everything that has been on the floor in their mouths would also agree (if they much cared about these things) - but I care.

So, Monica... who cleans the preschool where i work right now. This is for you...

Your hard work is appreciated! Your hard work is need and an important part of our preschool!

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