Wednesday, 23 October 2013

the theatre continues

The children have continued their interest in the story Room on the Broom - and this time we were a little more prepared - with a pointy hat and wand - and even a cauldron to add to the fun...

AND as yesterday the children got to continue role-playing the book after we had put on a performance with five of the children - this time Ellen continued as witch - to see how this would support the role-play (as yesterday they just sat and listened). The role-play was definitely more active this time - the story also changed a bit too.

It is always interesting to see how young children "read" the book - yesterday the child had told the story as she remembered it, in some parts word for word. Today the child read the pictures to tell the story which meant it turned into a slightly different version - (it can be fun to do that - to just read the images because sometimes they CAN really tell a new story - and several different ones depending on interpretation). AND in todays version the dragon was a wolf - something that this child had mentioned as one of her fears (dragons have not been mentioned).

We have got The Gruffalo and Gruffalos Child out ready to introduce too - as both books take up fear and how to deal with fear - as well with great rhyming and repetition to support language development - I wnder if these stories will be turned into performances once the children become more familiar with them?

mixing up magic and chanting the magic formular - in Swedish it is "Risteri, rosteri, rustari, rast.."

role-play fun - coming together to listen and act out one child's version of the story - it takes concentration to follow the story AND make sure everyone was doing what they should be!!

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