Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mini REDE (Respect. Empathy Animal Ethics)

OK you might be wondering how on earht REDE culd possible be Respect. Empathy. Animal. Ethics - you just have to remember that I am living in Sweden and, funnily enough, most things happen in Swedish here... Respekt. Empati. Djur. Etik.

This evening my colleagues and I have attended a course called Mini-REDE (link to the course... but the whole website has LOTS of info to explore)

It was interesting... and the exercises that can be used to train empathy look fun, interesting AND they are tried and tested - so they know that they do help...

As it is late right now... I am not going to write more... but just leave you with this little teaser... will return to this at the weekend and share more about the course then!!

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