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Blogpost to support "Play, Learning and the Democratic Preschool" at Futura School

This post shares some of the images from last night's presentation and some links to posts on my blog that will help support reflection of last night's presentation.

to create a democratic preschool it is not about letting the children do what they want and making all the decisions... it is about creating an atmosphere where all the children are participating, they are all able to influence their learning, their play, their situation and their preschool with the teachers; it is about being valued equally,,, and equally valuing others... as people and their thoughts and opinions.

from the Swedish national preschool curriculum, the very first words.

not just listening to the children, but also encouraging the children to listen to each other - otherwise the teacher still has all the power. By supporting the children to value their peer's words you are handing over the power and responsibility - the children will be able to manage things much better rather than always needing to come to you.

Pedagogical documentation is a great way to listen to the children... it is also a way to help the children listen to their own learning, and to what is happening in the group... and if the children are active participants in the analysing and planning parts then thhe pedagogical documentation is also contributing to creating a democratic preschool.

I have a series of blogposts about pedagogical documentation which you can read here - the last one includes a film
Pedagogical documentation - a beginners guide 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

Together painting as a way of creating space for dialogue and problem solving... here is a post with more information about it... Why Together Painting

a reminder of some of the ways to reflect on how we have a different perspective of the same thing
Philosophical Flowers

a reminder that play can take many forms... that children can often have a different opinion from us how play looks, sometimes just observing others children feel that they are playing, other times they do not.
what is play?

sensory play - this can be a great way to support play, especially with a group of young players - in the sense that their play is younger than their years... then it can be good to give them more play experiences connected with younger children for them to explore and for their play to evolve naturally. Not all children like getting messy - so there always needs to be something for these children to do once they have given it a quick try (if they dare)
painting Morocco

a reminder that some children need to learn about crossing lines - and that painting in this way, where trying to keep in the lines is not about paiting in the right way, but a chance for the children to resolve and explore what happens when you don't paint within the lines... as it affects someone else. Sometimes it can get a little heated - "you painted over my bit, where can I paint now" - but with the support of educators the children got to safely practice how to manage quarrels which they could apply to other situations on their play.
Kandinsky inspired art
curling Kandinsky style

more from the curricululm

the process of letting the children develop skills that they can then later use in the project (Together on the Square Project... you can find many posts about it on this blog)
2D maps to 3D maps

here is the post that ended up totally dark... where there is a photo of the square that I altered to be faded in order for the children to draw their plans on.

BIG portraits - a way for the children to see their own identity and also the group identity... to see their similarities and differences...
big portraits

exploring emotions and empathy through art
Thinking about Jackson Pollock
also it can be done with spaghetti (or string)
winter jackson Pollock

light and dark exploration - check out posts about project light and also project fear.

exploring the colour of Christmas on the light table... asking the children about their traditions rather than us adults always giving children "our" perspective...
I have posted several of the Christmas blogposts on my facebook page during the last week, so you can find the links there... here is  a youtube film

taking the time to allow transitions to be moments of learning and play... cleaning paint is a chance to learn a great deal... as can be washing hands, putting on clotjes and taking them off to go in and outdoors... see each moment as aplay and as learning rather than as the bits between the play and learning
painting with one year olds

sadly I did not get to talk about this as we ran out of time... and I will save the other images for another day... but here is a link to a post about rules.... and also about getting the children to take responsibility for each other...
Scaffolding children
The democratic preschool
The hundred languages of democracy (letting the children comfort each other)

I think this will be enough to get your reflections going... if you have any questions then please leave feedback here and I can get back to you.

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