During the last years I have been holding workshops on listening, pre-philosophy/philosophy with preschoolers (1-6yr olds) and play. Also holding workshops on Listening in the Forest /Outdoors - how to play and learn outside. Recent workshops and presentations are focussing more on the democratic classroom/preschool, non-bias/norm awareness, and pedagogical documentation as a listening tool for educators.

If you are interested in having me as a presenter, to hold a workshop or work as a consultant at your setting  then get in touch with me...

Keynote speaker at Athen first Early Childhood Education conference... Play on Athens - Peter Gray, Tom Hobson and Meynell Walter will be the other keynote speakers... the first call for papers is out now...
details can be found - Play on Athens

March - workshops and tours of preschools for a group of educators from Palestine

In autumn 2019 I will be in Sydney Australia and I am open to the possibility of holding presentations and workshops while I am there.

Lahore, Pakistan ... 10 days of workshops, presentations about listening, play, Reggio Emilia etc - this is now postponed to 2019, due to political instability in Pakistan at the moment due to elections.

Online - Fairy Dust Winter Conference, February, I will present about natural learning... linking original learning with the outdoors and nature.

Israel... The Art of learning... a 3 hour exploration of how learning occurs through artistic exploration and the power of play. Nona Orbach Studio .

Göteborg... 27 April.FSO Dagen. I will talk about philosophy with preschoolers, listening and how this connects to the Swedish preschool curriculum

Palestine... I will return to Jenin, i March, to train a new cohort and also to run a more in depth course for last year's participants.

Gävle... I continue to work as a facilitator for the Board of Children at Gästrike vatten. Including being a part of a conference in August to share what we have learned.

Stockholm... workshop with a group of educators from UK and Nikki Buchan. October.

in late October there are plans to be in Israel and Palestine again to hold some workshops, nothing confirmed yet.

Jenin, Palestine, The first two and a half weeks of January will be spent with The Freedom Theatre teaching the women in the first cohort to participate in a play-based early years training. It is very exciting to be a part of this project and work as support and consultant throughout the year long training. Two weeks, in September 2017 the pedagogues in training will come to Stockholm to learn, to be inspired and to share their learning and context with others.
I will also be going to Palestine in April... and hope to take a few days in Tel Aviv at this time too.
During the January session training was held on play, child development, brain research's influence on our understanding of learning, hands on workshops to explore play as learning, as well as presentations about listening. There were two presentations for parents about the value of play.
From Stockholm I continue to support the group, with the role of pedagogical director of the Freedom Theatre's preschool.
April will be a course on the Third teacher
During the summer there will be skype presentations about the use of art, and also pedagogical documentation.
September beside the visits of preschools in Stockholm, I will hold a two day forest school training.

ONLINE : talking about pedagogical documentation as part of en ECE Leadership conference. February 12-16.

the link is

Uppsala, Sweden: Konsten att Lyssna (The art of listening)
En föreläsning av Suzanne Axelsson 
En viktig uppgift för förskolan är att förmedla och förankra respekt för de mänskliga rättigheterna och de grundläggande demokratiska värderingar som det svenska samhället vilar på. 
Anmälan till: (A presentation by Suzanne Axelsson. 
An important task of the preschool is to teach and establish respect for human rights and fundamental democratic values on which Swedish society is based. Application to:

Online conference: talking about the Reggio Emilia Approach in connection with personal emotional and social development with Kathy Brodie Early Years Summit (a direct link) 20th-31st March

Podcast: talking with Jen Lumanlan about the Reggio Emilia Approach and why parents might choose a preschool with this approach for their children. This is part of a series exploring various kinds of preschools available in the USA. The exact date for the podcast has not been released yet. Her parenting site is.. 

Educational Films: at least two films will be made as part of the Jenin educator course... these potentially will be released for general viewing after the course is complete later in the year. One about documentation and the other about art. There is a possibility that another film about parent communication might be made. Release date sometime between September and November 2017.

Gävle: working with Gästrikevatten to create a "barnstyrelse" (Children's board) in order to listen to the voice of the child when it concerns sustainability and water. This is a ONE YEAR project

During 2017 I was published twice by the Swedish Reggio Emilia Institute's magazinne "Modern Barndom". I also had a piece published about Easter Activities in the Swedish Preschool magazine "Förskolan" and two online articles published by Teachwire - the first about the Reggio Emilia Approach and messy play, and the second about Original Learning.

Stockholm, Sweden, 2 hour presentation/dialogue on the Art of Listening/Philosophy with preschoolers.  April 25, Stockholm University, School of Education

Stockholm, Sweden... presentation on philosophy with children... as part of a three day education on Socratic Dialogue. May 2016 Filosofiska

Uppsala, Sweden... presentation on the Art of Listening/Philosophy with preschoolers. June. Ekudden Preschools

Toronto, Canada... #Rhythm2016... outdoor Reggio Inspired learning (5 days as one of the facilitators) plus an evening presentation. August 2016 (more information to come)
You can find out more information about this by clicking on the following link Rhythm of Learning 2016

Stockholm, Swedenduring the autumn term I will be holding a course "Introduction to Philosophy with Preschoolers" Three sessions over three months including presentations and workshops. IN SWEDISH. Some places will be made available to preschool pedagogues priority given to new employees of Filosofiska.

Stockholm. Sweden 2 hour presentation on the art of listening and how to use art to enable children's listening skills. Introduction to philosophy with preschoolers:  October

Stockholm Sweden... as part of World Philosophy Day, I will be presenting at ABF-Huset , Filosofifestivalen, 17th November. "Philosophy in the Preschool" (in Swedish)

Online... November 3-7 Education Next Generation. ... free online conference with many wonderful speakers covering a whole number of topics related to home-schooling, unschooling, parenting and play-based learning... I talk about philosophy with preschoolers, Reggio Emilia, the competent child listening etc... check out the link here

Garden Gate Child Development Center ECE Retreat, Martha's Vineyard, USA,  June 25-26
presentation on pre-philosophy and philosophy with preschoolers.

 Durham, UK on Friday 19th June 2015

Keynote presentation on "The Art of Listening"

Thursday May 14th 2015
Just completed a full day workshop with 20 educators from Norway, USA, Singapore and Greece - the morning session was "Filosofiska Preschool's Third Teacher's Journey" - learning about how the rooms have developed and changed over the years and why. In the afternoon "The Art of Listening" with hands on workshops and reflection time together afterwards.

Forest workshop - play and creative learning. 3-4hrs. March 2015. Lovö

The Art of Listening - presentation and hands on workshop - 6hrs. March 2015. Filosofiska

Play and Learning - presentation. The Freedom Theatre, Jenin, Palestine. 2015

 presentation on Pre-philosophy and philosophy with preschoolers as a part of PlayIceland (Fafu) Reykjavik, Iceland
  Konsten att Lyssna - interaktiv presentation. 2t. November 2014(In Swedish) Stureby Förskolor

The Art of Listening. 2 hours. Boulder Journey School. Boulder, Colorado, USA. July 2014

Pre-philosophy and the Art of Listening. The Acorn School. Toronto, Canada. May 2014

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