Wednesday, 16 October 2013

"how high dare you climb" art.

Just a quick post to share our process art session today...

We challenged the children with the fear of height - how high did they dare climb? On the step, on the chair, on the table or all the way up the step ladder?

ALL the children wanted to go up the step ladder - ALL but one went to the very top - one child was almost at the top!

First they chose a scary colour of paint - and this was dripped down onto the paper below. The idea was to have a lots of splats - but the children were far too interested in feeling the paint - so when everyone had challenged their fear of height (which there did not seem so much of - but maybe we simply need a bigger step ladder?) then they got to mix up the colours to a new scary colour!

Colours used...
night, dark black
blood red
ghost white
poop  brown
monster blood green
snot yellow
scary blue

I think we might need to do something similar again - climbing up the step ladder was POPULAR!


  1. Nice. I do not think we give children enough physical challenges in the classroom so I applaud your invitation. How about jumping next?

    1. they are busy exploring flight at the moment too - which basically involves jumping off various heights... the day before this session some of the children were testing their motorskills by climbing on top of the tube tunnel at the play-space rather than through it - and although one of the children could move across it comfortably (it is above head height for me, and I am tall) the others climbed onto it, and then decided it was just to scary and climbed off again - one of them was almost too scared to climb off!

      But I can see we will be working more with heights - and jumping (or flying) some more...

  2. Thank you so much for the inspiration! We did this at the end of autumn half term with our Year 1 and Year 2 classes, the children all sat in a big circle in the hall and cheered each other up to the top step of our step ladder. Their faces of such pride and exhiliration were something I will never forget. It was a magical end to a wonderful half term of learning and an experience I think they will remember for a long time. THANK YOU!!! :)

    1. how absolutely fabulous - as it is not only the pride that each child feels of climbing up but also the pride of being cheered on by their class.
      Thank you fo sharing this...

  3. What an interesting provocation/prompt for exploration! So much of our fear and trepidation is funneled through the choices we make for children. I am interested to hear about some of the follow up explorations!