Thursday, 1 February 2018

Philosophical photos 3.

Continuing the series of using photographs as a stimulus for critical and creative thinking with children... here come some more photos with suggested questions and activities to get children (and yourself) reflecting together and deepening their own understanding of their perspectives...

Again the photographs come from the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm, where I sit right now in their café with one of the best views over Stockholm.

The first image is taken using a panorama effect, so looks slightly curved... at the end of this blog is another image of the same photo taken at an angle, just in case you think the slight curve of the image is distracting.

You do not need to ask ALL of the questions... choose the ones you think are the most appropriate for the group of children/students you work with

Nick Veasy - Inside Out
How many people can you see on the bus?
How many are children?
How many are women? How do you know that they are women?
if people look the same on the inside - how can we tell who is who?
if we are so much alike on the inside why are some people excluded because of how they look?
Would living in an x-ray world make it a better place for everyone? why?
Do you think the people on the bus are happy.
Do you think they know each other?
Where do you think they are going?
Are they all going to the same place?
would you like to be able to see the world like this, with x-ray eyes? Why?
what if it was x-ray glasses? Would you like to wear them?
if you could only see in two colours, which two colours would you choose? Why?

the book, "Bone by Bone: comparing animal skeletons" by Sara C Levine
draw round each child on a big piece of paper and allow the children to fill in their skeleton to create a x-ray
paint with white on black paper to create x-rays (if you check Nick Veasy you will find he x-rayed very many things from mobile phones to airplanes - any of this can be inspiration)
outside you can use sticks on other natural materials to create skeletons  either outside, or bring them inside and paint white

Chen Man.
This photo is called "Conversation"

why do you think this photo is called conversation?
what is a conversation?
How do you have a conversation with another person?
Do these people look like they are having a conversation?
Do you think they are talking with out words?
can you talk without words?
Do others understand you then?
can you read other people's thoughts?
Do you think that would be a good thing to read other people's thoughts? What do you think the benefits would be?
what do you think the problems would be?
would you like someone else to be able to read your thoughts?
What do you think these two people are having a conversation about? what makes you think that?
Would you like to join in their conversation? Why?

mirror game - sit opposite a friend and one leads and the other mirrors the actions - is this a kind of silent conversation?
sit in silence in a circle... can you hear each other's thoughts?
charades (communicating without verbal words)
explore sign-language
draw a picture of two people having a enjoyable/angry/sad conversation

Extra image of the bus, plus an image of batman in x-ray and also a smart-phone

is this a phone skeleton? or is a phone more like an insect, with an exo-skeleton?

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