Tuesday 18 December 2012

Facebook, changing jobs and happy holidays

Today I started a facebook group,  with the same name, where I will post my new blogs, but also link up other blog posts.

I am hoping that others will join me there and link up their favourite posts and make comments and join in any discussions so that we can really inspire each other.

I am also going to go offline for a couple of weeks to spend time with my family, reload my batteries and come to terms with my decision to leave my current preschool in order to start at a new preschool with a philosophical profile. I am really looking forward to this new challenge, even though I am sad to leave the children I work with, and have come to love.
It is only to see how the teachers in Newtown laid their lives down for "their children" to realise that this is not an ordinary job - there is a whole load of emotional investment in each and every child. This means makes it impossible to just go to work - I go to be with "my" children. I have MY three children at home, that I love as a mother, and I have all "my" children at work, that I love as a teacher. They are different kinds of love - but they both are strong, genuine attachments - and I know that I too would lay my life for the protection of the children at my work - just as other teachers have done - it would not be something I would question - it would be a reaction.

So now I mourn the fact I have left "my" children.

But I also know that in the new year I will be getting to know some new children, learning more about them and that our relationship will blossom and grow as it did with "my" children I said good-bye to today.

Anyway - I have ideas for next year - to continue my musings on "MY" Reggio Approach, I want to write more about love - Jools Page was one of my tutors during my masters at Sheffield University and she has written wise things on PROFESSIONAL LOVE. I also want to personally delve some more into schemas - there are not many who are aware of schemas here in Sweden, so I would really like to start to introduce it - in my way. I was lucky that Cathy Nutbrown, who has written about schemas, was the professor at Sheffield University, and I was able to participate in one of her seminars which has left a lasting impression. I will also be starting a new university course in January, as will all the staff at the new preschool I will start - "Kritisk tänkande kring värdegrundsfrågor" (Critical thinking about core values) - so I will be sharing my thoughts about the course here too!

But until then, dear blogging world friends - happy holidays!

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