Thursday 18 June 2015

Durham Early Years Festival of Inspiration

This is some background information for the keynote talk I held at Durham Early Years Festival on 19th June 2015. This is to enable MY journey to be talked about during my time talk time without compromising on refernces and where to go further if you are interested in finding out more... Matthew Lipman and  P4C (Philosophy for Children)

Listening - 7 inspiring TEDtalks  - here I have linked some talks that can really inspire you.

SAPERE - P4C in the UK

Alison Gopnik - talking about learning in the early years... the importance of play, the importance of childhood!

 Other sites worth checking out...
Peter Worley - Philosophy Foundation
Teaching Children Philosophy - Wartenberg - this link you can find lots of story books with suggested questions and ideas of how to explore them - check "Book Modules" and you will see a list of titles...

The best position for listening - a post about the session where we drew how to sit in order to listen well.

The Listen Dance - an activity to explore listening with the children through movement

Learning to Listen

The Bubble Game

The Importance of the Spoken language - listening with pre-verbal children

Listening with eyes - another way to play and increase listening skills

Kandinsky - art to aid listening.

Listening, art and testing boundaries - another post about an art session that was more about supporting the children's listening skills than the actual art...

Of course please take the time to explore my bog... to find inspiration of one kind or anohter.... and even better, leave comments.... to get me thinking, to inspire future posts...

Thank you for listening

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