Friday, 26 October 2012

light table and salt

circles circles round and round
 Today the weather got cold - the perfect excuse to come inside with rosy cheeks and experiment with the lightbox.

The bottom had fallen off a tray so I staple-gunned a piece of perspex I found, dumped near a bus stop last spring, - it has allowed us to introduce new materials to the lightbox. Today we tested out salt I had coloured with green food-dye and green glitter.

The shape making did not come straight away - in the beginning the children needed time to investigate - to feel, to move it around, to pour, to bury hands - before they were ready to start making shapes.

My daughters helped out at preschool today - Isabelle sat reading stories with children snuggled up while Sophia supported the children in their lightbox play. There really is something very magical about the trust and the delight between children - 11 year olds and 3 year olds have very many differences yet they could meet here at the lightbox with the same curiosity and playfulness exploring the salt.

Oh - and as for the cold weather - the first snow of the season came at just before 9pm - so of course my 8 year old son NEEDED to run out into the garden in his pyjamas and boots to feel the fat snowflakes tickle his face and to scrape together the seasons first snowball! The simple joys of life...

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