Thursday, 16 May 2013

Förskolans Dag - a story in pictures of National Preschool Day

The Hat Parade from the Square to the Park where we watched and sang along to a show - LOADS of preschools together from the neighbourhood.
Dancing dancing dancing - towards the end of the show we could get off our bottoms and really give them a wiggle.

and a lot of jumping

 Of course most photos I cannot put up as there are simply too many faces to post without permission. But there were lots of smiles and laughter - and what luck we had with the weather too!

In the afternoon Filosofiska Preschool played and had activities outside on the square for everyone to join in, and parents were invited to play too. We used the windows facing the square to display lots of our artwork, projects and documentation to give everyone a chance to see what we get up to.

we started with a picnic on the square - picking up food from Rainbow Café ( we have to have bars on the window not for the sake of the children but to keep the preschool safe at night and the weekend - some of the local shops get their windows smashed)

Ice activity - various ice shapes some coloured with food colouring, and then glitter, toys and beads were added too.

little fingers trying to pry out the marbles

can you see through the ice?

making ice towers

I taped an old sheet onto a table so that we could create a piece of art to remember the day - here you can see the ice just starting to melt
and as it melted more and more the colours spread out and started to mix with each other creating beautiful patterns

the children were fascinated by things being stuck inside the ice - especially the car - "how do we get it out" was the BIG question...

melted ice art

shells in the ice...

glitter and ice was a huge hit - especially when the children discovered they could make themselves all sparkly as the  melting ice released the glitter...

exploring the ice - the ice table attracted a lot of attention. It was fascinating to overhear a visiting older child comment "wow, so this is a real water exhibition... how do the little children manage... wow... this is even fun for me..."
we took the sensory tables out and put "Jelli Baff" in them - ooo such LOVELY slimey stuff!

it was so great for squeezing and squishing. There was plastic underneath so that all spills could be collected and disposed of properly.
bubbles bubbles bubbles... children running around laughing chasing and popping them. Children learning to blow bubbles instead of sucking on the bubble wand - lots of fun...
what a Happy Preschool Day we had!

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