Saturday, 4 May 2013

Power-point Song meeting

Rather happy about how the song meeting went this morning

There are 32 children at the preschool in total - the vast majority of them being 1 and 2 year olds - and a few 3 year olds, and so far just one four year old - there are 4 other's that will turn four during the year. We are a new preschool, as you can see!

So I was really interested to see how they would react to BIG images of their songs being projected onto the wall while we sang.

As colleagues we wondered whether to keep the lights on or not, but in the end we switched them off keeping a few lamps on - it made it feel special.

The energy was amazing.

I had images of snails, spiders, trees, owls, hares and tomtes and of course Pippi Longstocking (amongst others) - the children pointed and got excited over what they saw, they danced and clapped and called for more.

No photos - too busy singing and waving my arms around to the actions.

Afterwards we let the children explore the images for a while - and I got the chance to observe a just turned 2 year old come close to the projector and look at the beam of light coming out (and the dust dancing) - after a short while he tried to grab hold of the light, looked at his empty hand and then tried again and again - probably about 8-10 times (and I was wishing I had my camera with me then!!).

In the afternoon just after snack time we set up the projector again for the children to explore the images - this time I lowered the projector so that the images started from the floor. Lots of high positive energy, laughing and singing along. About halfway through one of the children made the observation that her shadow was bigger when she was closer to the projector and smaller when she was clo

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