Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Slime on the overhead...

Some of the children had been asking for slime in the last week... so I got some out for play...

It started on the overhead, I wondered what kind of patterns it would make on the wall, and I have to say I was a little disappointed, I think it was just too thick to really get too arty with... or to experiment with the flow of the goo...

Some of the younger children came into the ornage room (a room for sensory experiences and experiments) so I moved the slime down to a lower level so it was more easily reached... and could be played with, without the restriction of the overhead.

One of the children started making patterns with beads and ice-cream spoons... the image of the spoon shining on the floor... she put another spoon on the floor and marvelled at the size difference... and that her foot could hide the real spoon yet looked tiny on the image on the floor.

Later, after snack the slime was set up for "baking" - to continue yesterday's baking activity in a more playful way... the spoons, small bowls, big bowls and ice-cube tray ... the children made cakes, soup and pancakes - and could not decside whether what they were making was yummy (it was pretend play after all) or whether it was disgusting (it was slime soup after all!!!!)

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