Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A new arrival - Giant

Giant - a baby bald eagle
Today we opened a package together - and our first sight of what was inside were two feet - there was a resounding - it's an OWL (we sing a song about an owl in a tree a lot). BUT it wasn't an owl - it was an eagle - and a baby one.

Giant has spent the last four months in Australia - although s/he originally come from the USA - after spending the spring in Sydney -s/he now gets to spend spring in Stockholm - although first there will be chance to explore the snow and ice - quite a change from the 45°C weather Giant has experienced in Australia!

Attached to Giant is a little koala friend.

The children started off by creating a comfy nest for Giant - sparkly beads and feathers line the basket!

Welcome Giant to your Sweden leg of your tour.

Skippy is now in USA - and Svea the moose in Australia.

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