Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Listening... with Elmer

Only photos of the product - the process was not about the camera listening but about me and the children listening to each other with our ears and eyes.
Listen to whose turn, listen to how many squares to take, listen to where to put them. This was not a creative activity, this was an activity designed to practice listening, of working together and watching and supporting each other. An activity to listen and to think (I see you have chosen two reds and an orange - how are you going to place the squares so that no colour is glued next to each other?) - an activity that took time, that was slow, to allow the children the TIME to listen.

I gave Elmer a quick glaze with glue, and when it dried I cut him out and showed him to the children. They were amazed - "it's Elmer". I pointed out that when we listen to each other and when we work together we can create amazing things...

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