Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Great Create

Today we have got creative at home. The children decided we needed to get out the paints, glues and  junk and just make and create - so that is what we have done. The kitchen table was cleared, the art supplies cupboard in there was raided (and we popped to the shop across the square to get a few more...) - and we got going. The three of them all had very clear ideas of what they wanted to do - and not included in the photos is fingernail painting - and also painting the rims of some 3D glasses (with the lenses popped out) - and of course we also did the eczema friendly sensory activity already posted today.... a great create day it has been!
Michael has been busy with toilet rolls and all sorts of junks - and also got carried away later with the googly eyes - these are 2 of his creations. I promised Michael that these would be part of the blog post - he felt it was very important to share his creativity...
Sophia tried her hand at making easter eggs from balloons and string dipped in glue. I think that the balloon may possibly have been blown up too much to be able to support the structure - but its only through trial and error that we learn... 

Isabelle wanted to make a plaster cast mask - so were covered her face in vaseline before starting on the mask. Michael kept saying she needed cucumbers for her eyes - thinking it was some kind of face-mask!! Made us giggle a lot!

Now its just to wait until it dries - and to plan how to develop it...
Isabelle used the bouquet of flowers facing its last days to create a piece of art using acrylics and a variety of greens
Creating the foliage
Using a carefully blended pink to create flowers. I recommended that she tested it out on a practice piece of paper first
which was just as well - as the tulip fell to pieces. 
The tulip was created by printing with petals individually

creating a flower with many nuances, just like the flower itself - but her own choice of colours...

adding details - stalks

The painting so far - now she wants to wait until it dries before adding some more foliage in a slightly lighter shade.

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