Wednesday 27 August 2014

A collection Of Outdoor spaces for learning and play...

Sat at home nursing a nasty cold and sore throat, looking at beautiful images of learning playspaces... and thought I would share a few of them with you...

A Mud kitchen at Fazelely Preschool... you can go there blog and check out how it was made... Fazeley Preschool, UK

There are several images of the natural classroom at A Child's Touch where they have kept the four elements... water, air, earth and fire as a central theme.

The outdoor space at Puzzles Family Daycare when they celebrated the International Fairy Tea Party last year... more images of Puzzles Family Daycare can be seen if you click to this image on their facebook page and then browse the page some more...

The playspace at Cowgate Under 5s can be seen on Creative Star Learning's blog with more images to be seen... and plenty other links to outdoor play and inspiration.

I have shared images of waterplay on my blog... click here to check it out

Playscapes has blogged about barefoot paths in New Zealand... I am a big believer in the sensory experience of outdoor surfaces... for barefeet and also for all our other senses too. I have written a post about Outdoor surfaces - you can read that here

Loose parts outside... and how do they connect to the inside. Play and learning  made visible on this post by Mid Pacific Institute

Tessa Rose Landscapes shares lots of before and after photos of how outdoor spaces can be designed to create a more natural feel.

Here is a link to a previous post I wrote on International outdoor playspaces - not so many photos but plenty of links...

A link to one of my posts about outdoor play in Sweden... some images of public playspaces and descriptions of some requirements/reflections for preschool playspace

And another post I wrote with links to outdoor playspaces... can be read here

Hope that keeps you going for a while...

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