Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Rainbow room continues

The rainbow room's progress to being a library and philosophy room has made another step closer to being finished.
At the end of last week the room got new flooring - and now some furnishings and decorations have gone in... yet to come are shelving for the books and seating for the philosophy sessions....

A view through the indoor window with birds on branches stickers. The ceiling is filled with ricepaper lamps (no lighting in them) to help reduce the height of the room and make it more child friendly - a place to have big thoughts (when I was a child I used to love dreaming big, but did not like it so much outside... I realised that to dream big I need to feel safe, and being somewhere smaller made me feel safe when my thoughts were so big and carrying me away... so I have applied my understanding of my own childhood... together with the understanding of observing children over the years, and the children I am working with now, to create an atmosphere that will support big thinking)

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