Thursday, 14 August 2014

more developments in the rainbow room

Slowly but surely the room for philosophy and stories is taking shape...

Today a new blue mat was added... for the youngest children (1-2 yr olds) to have their gatherings - but it will also serve as a fishing pond, with stones and stumps to fish from. We are fixing a game using images of real fish with a paper-clip on it so we can use a magnetic fishing line to fish them up... this is to connect with a magnetic fishing game the children have been thoroughly enjoying at the table...

The walls have been given a bit more of a forest look with leaves being added - and lots of butterflies - and there is a ring of grey, stone-like, circular sitting mats now too. These are thinking stones... and where we will meet to have philosophical dialogues - eventually we will have a very low table in the middle of those mats to enable the children to document their own thought processes.

Shelving has been purchased and will be fixed to the walls during the weekend... so the book part of the room will start to function better next week.

The sitting area is not quite ready yet, and eventually we would love to have a more natural feel to the cushioning there. The aim is to create a calm and imaginative room - to inspire creative thinking.

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