Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Wings for fairies

During the summer I wrote a post about full body painting where the two children who attended preschool that day got to paint big time outside

You can read more about that post, if you wish, by clicking here

I left half of the painting at the preschool at Skarpnäck and took the half with the body prints to Dalen with me... since the child who made the body prints is in my group at Dalen.

Today we started the transformation of the body prints into fairies... each child in Vinden helping out... all in different ways...

First one of the children drew wings onto the painting, and she had great inspiration for her wing drawing as one of the children came to preschool wearing wings. Of course this child showed off his wings by standing with his back to us... so the wings were then drawn and continued as if the fairies had their backs to us...

I showed them a selection of tissue paper... about eight colours... and the children selected the colours the wings should be.... they could all be the same colour, or all different colours. They tested with the paper folded, noticing the different effect that made.... a single layer being considered the best for wings. The colours chosen were dark pink, green and yellow (in that order).

The next step was to trace round the wing design on the tissue paper so that we could cut out the right size. Cutting tissue paper is VERY tricky, and requires patience and concentration as it rips easily.

Finally glue was added within the wing area and the tissue paper wings carefully patted into place. At the same time in the atelier the children were busy with various activities, so those who were interested joined in... the process was very organic and the children joined in and observed after interest. And quite remarkably there was a job for every child to do...

In the afternoon Molnet continued with wings as well... this time for themselves using sticks and wallpaper that they had painted. The sticks are formed in an "X" in order to support the wings.

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