Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Snow on the Square

Its not been much of a wintery winter in Stockholm so far - but on Saturday the snow came... the perfect kind of snowman making stuff... today it snow again... but since it was -10°C this morning it was far from snowman making snow... it was light and fluffy - if you have a handful and blow it is like a fine powder of beautiful crystals floating in the air...

It warmed up to about -4°C and started to snow some more...

We spent the morning out making the most of it... exploring the snow -  light fluffy snow covering snow boulders created by the snow ploughs during the weekend's snow... perfect boulders to collect and build with, working out how best to balance them... they feel off the wall that was being built and a new place had to be found... they worked and worked at it. Feeling pride when they managed to carry over an ever bigger block of icey snow.

light fluffy snow that did not settle on the manhole cover - children and teacher gathered round exploring.

Light fluffy snow that was perfect for creating rainbows in - two rainbows joyfully shared - faces beaming with pride.

Snow mountains to climb on and slide down. I wonder how big they will get this year - and how long they will last too?

Ice under the snow - to skate, to slip and to fall over giggling a hundred times... although at first there were a few tears, until the play potential of falling over was discovered... some complete clowns, I was in stitches with the children. (ie laughing)

Snow being cooked and baked into all sorts of delicious foods for pretend babies, big sisters and big brothers and parents (and I think there was a witch or two there as well)

Snow... perfect for many types of play ... too many to include all of them here...

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