Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Suggestions for Reggio Emilia Books

Over on the Reggio Emilia Approach facebook group there are often requests about books... what to read to get inspired by RE and to learn more about it... here are some of those suggestions...

I have opted not to go for links... this way you can choose yourself which company and where in the world you choose to purchase from...

Reggio Emilia and the very young

Reggio Emilia

Reggio - in the studio/atelier

Reggio - The Third teacher

Loose Parts


If anyone would like to add their favourite Reggio Emilia book, please do so in the comment and I can add the image to the list here... and any comments about your favourite book and why, would also be wonderful... in that way we can build up a bank of knowledge that we can share educator to educator....

THEN if there are any other ECE books out there that you feel should absolutely be on this list - then I have the heading "other" waiting and ready - I will also drop by this post every once in a while to add another book to one of the headings...


  1. Suzanne, great list.
    I would add:
    1. Making Learning Visible: Children as Individual and Group Learners by Project Zero, Reggio Children
    2. We Are All Explorers: Learning and Teaching with Reggio Principles in Urban Settings by Daniel Scheinfeld, Karen M. Haigh

    There are more, but this is good :)

  2. Authentic Childhood, by Susan Fraser. I'm always revisiting, falling deeply into it.

  3. I see Authentic Childhood is already there, I may have missed it before.

    I have to admit that seeing you've included David Hawkins made my heart leap a little. I've fallen in love with them, so sad I only discovered them posthumously. What a precious gift they were to education, and I'm fascinated by the overlap and relationship with Malaguzzi and Reggio Emilia.

  4. If someone is interested in learning more about Reggio, which book would you suggest out of all of them as a first read for a newbie?

    1. I really enjoyed Experiencing Reggio Emilia by Abbot and Nutbrown... as it was a series of different authors, from academic, to teachers who visited to parents who had their children there who have written them, and it gives many different perspectives of the pedagogical philosophy... of course it is a more British book, so not sure if it would be the same experience for you in Canada...
      Working in the Reggio Way might work better for a North American setting...

      hope this helps

  5. I'm looking into buying a book where I can read about methods and learn how to teach little ones about art, great artists and techniques they can easily try, plus appreciation of art. I want to try and free their creativity which unfortunately most lack or are scared to try. Any suggestions?

    1. its late here right now... but just wanted to answer you... great question... I will look through my books etc at what I have that has inspired me over the years and get back to you...

  6. thank you for taking the time, will be looking forward to your answer, take your time x

  7. Dancing with Reggio Emilia: Metaphors for Quality ❤

  8. Has anyone read, The Importance of Being Little by Erika Christakis?
    Any takes on it?