Saturday, 7 March 2015

Papier Mâché portraits continue... COLOUR

 Bit by bit the papier mâché portraits are getting finished... this session had to be the most giggly session ever... EVERYTHING was funny.

One of the heads was not close to finishing because the child had been away for a few weeks on our atelier day - so at first the worked together on adding 3D details (the eyes that we worked on last week) - and when we came to painting there was the chance to work on her own head... ie a portrait without the same 3D effects...

They looked around the atelier to see what materials could be used for eyelashes and for the hair... testing verious things out, measuring and cutting.

We soon discovered that we did not have any "blonde" wool, so we decided to colour it ourselves.

It was a process of blending together various colours until there was a satisfactio that this was the right shade of hair... checking in the mirror all the time - and then dipping the wool that had been cut to the right length in the paint to colour the wool... adding bits of gold and yellow, and even silver (as she was told by her friend that she had silver in her hair) to create a look that was not just one shade of hair, but many shades just like real hair...

It was then left to dry for next time. The other child was busy cutting and cutting lots of short black hair.

The final step was creating skin colour. The interesting part of this was discovering how both skin colours contained the same colours to make them... just a little different... and that one child started off too dark and needed to add more and more white to lighten it... and the other started too light and needed to add more darker colours... both were surprised by the need of yellow to come close to their skin colour. Both children made their own decision as to when the colour was the right shade... using the mirror to help them.

They then got busy painting their heads... of course they soon discovered that the papier mâché gets soft again when lots of wet paint is used on it...

When they were finished they started to mix the skin colours to see what colour they would get... and then this they started spreading over their arms... a new skin colour... a shared skin colour... well actually they started calling it gloves!

But it meant the giggling lasted from start to finish!

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