Saturday, 28 March 2015

Pippi Longstocking inspired role-play area

There is a surprise waiting for the children on Monday... the role-play area has had a make-over...
Now we have a Pippi Longstocking inspired area...
and for several reasons...
  1.   Pippi Longstocking turns 70 this year
  2. We have plans for a Pippi celebration on National Preschool Day - which is actually Pippi's birthday too. Pippi activities on the square.
  3. The Pippi stories celebrate childhood and the competence and strength of children.
  4. From a gender perspective Pippi stories share a strong female role-model. 
  5. The children in Molnet are in the middle of a project about "same and different" and they have been taking a closer look at the "room where you eat" - sharing with each other a photograph from each child's place of eating... so of course Pippi's place of eating was a natural addition to the play possibilities of this project.
It will be interesting to see how the children react and play... and more things will be added based on our observations of the children's play... to deepen and extend it.

I painted some extra shelves on the background with the hope that some of the children will be inspired to draw more things to put on the shelves and therefore contribute to the look of the role-play area.

There are also intentions to get scrubbing brushes that the children can attach to their feet so that they can play cleaning the floors, just like Pippi does.

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