Thursday, 22 November 2012

Harry Potter Party - the power of Imagination

all the food served at the party could be found in the HP books
 A few years ago my girls wanted a Harry Potter party - they invited their friends who were also HP fans for a sleep over party and to watch 6 films (all that were available on DVD at the time). This post is to show that children's imaginations can be stimulated with essentially quite small measures - and also the process of creating a part or role play areas like this can be a learning rich situation - where to find all the things, how some things can be adapted, what kind of foods, how to make cockroach clusters without using cockroaches? So sometimes it can be fun to surprise children with a new environment, sometimes it can be be better to get the children involved in creating the new role-play environment!!

the snack trolley on the Hogwarts Express - cockroach clusters, chicken and ham sandwiches,  Bertie Botts every flavour beans, pumpkin pasties....

broomsticks - since spending 2 days watching all the films means a lot of sitting around - then there was a need to get the children out and play a game of quidditch - absolutely hilarious running around chasing balls with a broomstick between your legs!!

cauldron cake for the birthday cake - a ring cake filled with edible glitter and other stuff, glasses with mermaid markers on so everyone knew which was their glass, Umbridge style cups and saucers from the charity shop /(they were part of the party favour bags) - all the children pulled a label out of a "sorting" hat to find out which house they were in!

the girls room became the Gryffindor common room

the kitchen window was the herbology greenhouses

the hallway had HP film posters instead of the paintings in Hogwarts - sadly they did not move!

the living room window was the potions classroom

Michael's room was Ravenclaw commonroom

we turned the desk into the transfiguration classroom
Most of the transformations were small details but just added a magical touch to the sleep over party. It also shows that with simple measures and a whole load of child imagination a project can get a real lift just by providing small environmental touches. In between films the children went into role play and used all the corners...

Never underestimate the power of imagination - children really can transform an apartment into Hogwarts, or whatever project that is underway...

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