Tuesday, 20 November 2012

to share with the world...

This post is to keep a promise I made with a child today.

He spent almost an hour working on a lego artwork and came to show me, he wanted to share it with everyone... I said I could share it with the world if he wanted - and he did!

This was something he started himself and worked and worked at it. He told me there was not enough green lego available to do another green line so that was why there is only one. I admired his pattern and told him that patterns like this is a part of maths - he puffed up with pride (I know he has heard that word from his older brother who goes to school).

So, world, admire an afternoon of dedicated work...

leave a comment of where you come from - and I can share with him the world that has seen his lego pattern...


  1. Just came across your blog, your friend spent an amazing amount of time and focused energy on making his pattern! Hello from Tennessee, USA

  2. Hi! i've just founded your blog (through pinterest), thank you so much for sharing your work. And what a great work this guy did, i bet he must be working on something bigger right now :) Blessings from Chile!!!