Thursday, 28 February 2013


its sort of coloured string covered in wax - and it can be bended and moulded into al sorts of shapes. Today was my first time ever working with this medium - I had picked it up during my trip back to the UK over Christmas. It not only attracted children, but several staff included. It was FUN - mustaches, spectacles, bracelets, as well as tiny flowers, shapes, things that swing - all sorts were being created. Great for fine motor skills.

There was a lots of laughter and sharing, but also a great deal of focus. Two and three year olds spending just about an hour sat at a table testing out this new medium. It felt slightly sticky in the hand - and the strands easily stuck together if you wanted them to. There was a booklet with ideas of what could be done, which the children really appreciated - even though it was beyond their capabilities.  I had a try at making the wand - and one of the children carefully inspected it afterwards - comparing it with the 2D image - it was approved, but only just!!

Twisting them together was popular with many of the children.
One of my colleagues brought out the beads - and this soon became another popular method of exploring these "bendaroos".
And when we were finished on of the children sorted them all into their colour groups again!

Check out bendaroos website for more information and inspiration

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