Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sensory play with tapioca

the girls and I ate at an Asian restaurant yesterday - a huge buffet of delicious food including a tapioca dessert - that got me thinking. Maybe it could be used in sensory play?

in one bowl I just added some hot water - it soon soaked it up so I added some more and left it to absorb
it turned into a glutinous mass but still has small hard balls that massaged the hands when you played with it

I also boiled some in a pan with lots of water for a about 10-15 minutes - adding water as I felt it needed it (if there had been instructions on the pack I would have followed them). The mass became more transparent and the balls were softer

it had a sort of wallpaper paste feeling - so I could definitely think of colouring it and adding glitter for extra sensory experiences

Michael was not at all keen to play with this - just too messy for his taste - but the girls liked it. The one that had just been soaked was more popular as they liked the sensation in the hands - as well as they thought it looked more pleasing as it was whiter - the other they thought looked like frog spawn!!

it was easy to wash hands after wards too. Now I will see how it stores - I imagine it will have a short shelf life with it being food, but we shall see. I am looking forward to trying it out with toy frogs etc - could work well!

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  1. yes it did have a short shelf life... keep it in the fridge for a day or two MAX...
    But if you have children that put it in the mouth alot, then maybe not even bother storing it...

    I stored it until it went bad... to see how long it would take... and the smell was awfull... really awful...

    That was on day 4