Thursday, 7 February 2013

Colour experiments and fine motor skills on the lightbox

Size experiments - what fits in? This one year old spent at least 20 minutes at the lightbox testing out what he could fit in to the plastic cups and a bottle. Lots of fine motor skills going on as well as experimenting.

a three year old was intent on each glass having at least one counter in it - no-one was to disturb this process, and once all were filled she was ready to move on to another activity.

Experimenting with colour - another three year old checked to see what colour combinations could be made.


one year old stacking - this was NOT easy - it was a long process of trying to work out which way the cups should go to stack - and then finally finding the system and being able to stack and stack.

This was a very quiet light box session - the children played in silence, fully absorbed by what they were doing, and I respected this - only commenting when they looked up at me, supplying words for the situation for the one year olds and asking questions to the two and three year olds.

When the 2 one year olds were both fully focussed on putting the counters in the cups and bottles and shaking them and then emptying and then filling again, over and over, I was filled with that sense of "I am watching something special" and was so happy when a colleague came by to have a look - as it was one of those moments that had to be shared.

Today was filled with so many things - ice theories, snowman making, play dough experiments, light box - it was not easy to choose what to share. BUT its been a while since I shared anything about the light table - so the rest will just have to wait!

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