Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Building a sensory table

putting an Ikea child's table together - the children helping out...

The children soon discovered that this was no ordinary table - there was a BIG hole in the middle - this required the use of tools to fix - and a whole LOAD of thinking to solve the problem - things just kept falling through onto the floor all the time.
Using the legs of a second table was one of the ideas the children had to solve the problem - but it didn't quite work... so back to thinking, thinking again
Using the protective material from the packaging didn't work either
So the children tried out using cushions - and even making it "as high as the air" - but still it didn't really work as a table... So the children looked around the room...

Then they tried the plastic box that was lying on the floor (funnily enough) and guess what? It fitted - the children were amazed, and excited - they had solved the problem...
They carried it into our "Sensory Room" (its under construction - but bit by bit we are getting there)

And the sensory experience of the day was old coffee grinds (dried) and marbles.  Plenty of moving the grinds around, and smelling the coffee (another sense to use, not just touch) - and even some marble sorting too.

and if the grinds got everywhere there was a pot and a brush to sweep them up from the table (although this became a big attraction and children carefully poured grinds onto the edge so that they could do some sweeping!)
Having the plastic boxes lowered into a table enables the children to play not only in the box but to take things out and work on the side. We had the boxes on the floor at first, but found that the children were wanting to work with the materials just next to the box and separately - maybe it helps them to focus on the task on hand ... so these sensory tables are our way to meet the needs of the children...

and it was worth it... one of the children looked up, beaming from ear to ear - and said "Ni är bäst" 

You (plural) are best!!

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