Friday, 5 April 2013

Cold mud!

I just can't say this enough, I am LOVING the end of the snow and ice and embracing this mud with great passion. Its simply brilliant stuff - even if it is a bit cold still.

BUT the ice does offer benefits, musical instruments can be made using small bits of ice - did you know that it makes a different sound than when you shake a bottle with small stones or gravel in it?

The water and the mud is the main attraction - and this time we took some pots, pans and other utensils with us, as we had seen how the children were baking and cooking up mud recipes last time we were at this park...

of course when you are making delicious mud food tasting sometimes happens - the series of photos and the laughter between the two children and myself after this shot cannot be shared here, but I don't think she will believe her friend again when she says "try some, its good"!!!

Filling and emptying and refilling,  great motor skills and so much fun too! Also maths - volume, weight, full/half-full etc etc

and on our way to the park we saw our first spring flowers... it really is starting to feel like spring is on its way!!

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