Saturday, 20 April 2013

secret treasures of a aquarium shop

Coloured sand - a whole load of colours to choose from - perfect for the sensory table or to put in deep trays for children to draw/write with fingers or brushes. It can also be used in artwork - glued onto paper...

roots and stones to add the natural touch - to build with - to create a whole variety of play-scapes for small figures and animals

lots of different kinds of sands to choose from - from the very fine, to coarse - in various natural colours - white, red, even black...

all sorts of rocks and stones in all sorts of sizes - natural and polished
Of course my children were busy checking out the fishes, lizards, turtles, eels, etc etc (these shops are brilliant places to visit - not just because of all the potential resource there, but the diversity of fish is really beautiful...).

backgrounds for the aquariums could be put to other use at a preschool...
and the images available were really beautiful and included vegetation, underwater scenes as well as desert scenes!

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