Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The start of the Spring Paint.

As we did not have a roll of BIG paper home I used masking tape to ensure that we had a table sized art space ready. The children were given yellow and blue and white bottles of paint - as we were going to do some magic!!

The 2-4 year olds found the paint bottles too hard to squeeze onto the paper - and after a while of trying I squeezed out paint onto the paper from each of them. Then I said we needed to make magic... The children waved their hands above the paint and looked at me disappointed - no magic!! I said they needed to touch the paint to make the magic happen...

And, the magic happened - the blue, green and white turned into spring green

the children used their nails again to make patterns - it was a case of one of the children using it and then they all tried it out - flowers, slides, swings and animals all appeared and disappeared. The magic was that the original colours could be seen underneath the layer of green.
It almost looked like there is grass growing - there is real texture. In my head this painting was going to be a wide painting - but when the children had finished it was quite clear that this was a tall painting... Now it is just to see how the spring painting develops - what will be growing artistically here - keep watching...

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