Tuesday, 18 March 2014

messing about with clay

I was preparing clay for tomorrow... we need more slip. And I was checking on the clay that I had been rehydrating after it had dried out a little... that is lovely and soft now and ready for tomorrow when we will start our sculptures based on the artwork we have seen in the sheltered housing for the elderly next door.

But the slip was just so lovely and gooey... I have a feeling that there is one or two of the children that will be more interested in the slip than in creating the clay sculpture tomorrow... and in a way my actions today might just have selaed that...

The children saw how gooey my hands were and some wrinkled their noses... so I just wanted to challenge their thinking... and used the slip like a facemask...

The children thought it was hilarious... I started with just a bit on my cheeks, but the children called out "make a mustache" etc, and it was fun. Some of the children wanted to do the same too, and they got to.

I could feel the skin tightening as it dried, and we could watch the colour changing too, from grey to white.

I popped into the other group... of 1-3 year olds. They stared at me with big wide eyes. I went round so they could look closer, touch if they dared. Then I went to wash it off and came back.

Where has it gone?

"behind your back" said one of the two year olds - I turned round... it wasn't there.
"in your mouth" said another - I opened my mouth wide... it wasn't there.

it seemed we had a bit of a mystery on our hands...

The older children in Vinden,though, knew straight away what had happened. But I did find it interesting that the youngers ones could not work out what had happened. Makes me want to do it again and see what theories they have next time!!

It did leave me with  lovely smooth skin afterwards!!

OK, I haven't quite mastered the art of the selfie yet!!

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