Sunday, 23 March 2014

Together on the Square...

Our project "Together on the Square" has been moving forwards all the time... even if it might not seem so visible...

Designing a square was not a skill the children possessed... so it has been something we have been scaffolding, at the same time as allowing the children to learn more about each other and how we come together to preschool each day.

In January I gave the families some "homework" that they should work together (parent and child) in creating a map between their home and the preschool, showing the route so that we would be able to follow the directions.

For the last two months we have been transforming the 2D maps into 3D maps using blocks and other materials in the construction area. The children learning to work together, with a whole lot of sypport from us. The aim was to introduce these new languages... of map making, of 3D representation, of map reading etc - and that by repeating it over and over again, with our support, that the children would master it enough to be able to apply the skill themselves... and last week they did. I was bouncing around the room with joy as I saw the children's 3D design of the square. They were competent in what they were doing, and also in how to delegate. it really was TOGETHER on the square.

this is one of the maps that we worked with the children to show the route to their house. After the construction we then walked to the house, pointing out the things in reality that we saw on the map and had built at the preschool.

the children's design for the square... with a palace (Sleeping Beauty still influencing their choices, as a palace was not in their original ideas about how their square should look, but has popped up in discussions this week)

MY surprise for the children... their desin construction and other ideas of theirs for the square... What will they think of it? I long to hear their reflections...

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