Wednesday 26 November 2014

an Icelandic update

I have now visited two preschools in the last two days… had a million dialogues about early years, play and possibilities on many different levels … from the fun and light hearted to the deep and intense… and I have loved and learned from every one of them.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Iceland… and there will be one more preschool visit (well two, but the preschools are connected) and also the opportunity to see the Icelandic landscape… which I am loving - but I have always loved mountains… and I love clouds… and the skyline here is forever changing with the most amazing cloud formations all the time… and yes I have been needing out with cloud photos too!! (and no doubt there will be more tomorrow)

BUT I am not getting the time to blog, because I am not getting to my room until after midnight… which means I am spending my time much more wisely is discussion with others… and I have SOOO much to share and it is just getting more and more…

OH yeah, and the delights of an antiquated projector meant that my high resolution photos on my new laptop were just too over whelming… and everything came out as dark shadows or just black… so I will be posting the photos sometime soon… may be the perfect thing to fix while waiting for my flight on Thursday morning…

Here are some cloud photos

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