Sunday 30 November 2014

Images from my Icelandic presentation

 Sadly technology failed somewhat when it came to the presentation at the Rejkjaviks city hall - as the projector was so old it was not compatable with new computers (which we all had) and not with high resolution images - which my presentation is full of... I try not to use words, but images, a bit like a picture book.

Not all of the images can be used on my blog without starting to alter them... and as I have another presentation tomorrow I feel like I do not have the time (or inclination, to be honest) to start adapting all the images for my blog... When you get to see my images in real life then most of the blurring is gone... they are the real images... so here come some images connected to the presentation

It starts off with where I work at Filosofiska, exlplaining about it being totally none profit and our collaborations with Nepal to help street children get an education and a collaboration with thr Freedom Theatre in Jenin...

I talked about Filosofiska's vision - reflecting, judicious, empathic, capable and knowledge-thirsty children.

I mentione Alise Shafer Ivey... and that children have unfettered minds and therefore able to think differently from us as adults... you can see the talk here (I link it up every once in a while to my facebook page) - TEDtalk

 I talked about the journey of how best to sit to enable listening - rather than focussing on how their bodies are sitting.

 Talking rings - enabling the children to think about the structure of a dialogue... that it is not a series of monologues but listening and talking... an interaction... and that listening is not just being quiet but an active verb.

I shared various photos of the "non-verbal" children passing a box around the circle... give and take being essential components of listening and talking...

 The image I shared at the presentation about children playing philosophy could not be shared... but I can share this one instead

 I talked about how art connected with philosophy of how we used creative activities to support listening skills and self regulation as well as exploring ideas
you can read about the rainbow art ... here
Jackson Pollock inspired art ... here
the big light installation... here and here

I ended up not talking about this image so much as it was so dark... but it is about how the children work together... like philosophy - collaboration and solving problems together is important.

 Various play and activities designed to help with self-regulation... you can check out the bubble post to find out more about this too... you can read that post here
painting on the floor ... here

it is important to approach children with new eyes and new ears to hear what they are saying as if for the first time... so that you are open for new perspectives and not closed off. Experience is important for supporting and expanding ideas... but never to limit them...

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