Friday, 21 November 2014

The night before Iceland...

I am sitting at the computer here in Stockholm for the last time for a few days... tomorrow I will be winging my way to Iceland to meet other educators from UK, USA and Iceland to talk about play and learning in early childhood and to visit settings.
I am really looking forward to the opportunity to have my mind stretched and challenged, to have the opportunity to view play from another perspective and to be a part of a process where I can contribute to others experiencing the same sort of inspirational growth that I am sure I will experience.

I will be taking lots of photographs and, of course, sharing, most likely when I get back... as I imagine I will be spending as much of my time as possible with the other Play Iceland participants... all arranged by Fafu..

It is going to be wonderful to be able to meet up with the Fafunians that have been a part of the International Fairy Tea Party with me...

In fact I am too excited to even write...

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