Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Sunshine and colours

Here is a new film I have made...

it is simply me playing with the sunlight .... again!
Messing about with mixing colours, patterns, construction, creating shadows, using movement to see what would happen. Getting some fabric and exploring different ways of using that as a backdrop... not all my film clips are included in this short... but enough to hopefully inspire you to get playing..

Och så på svenska...

en liten film där jag leka med solljus och färg. Småplast glas från "The Flying Tiger".
Jag hoppas att solen skiner imorgon eftersom jag vill gärna experimentera med olika färg underlag - papper och tyg... samt kanske några speglar....

Messing about: David Hawkins.
To understand play... we must play.

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