Sunday, 9 March 2014


My desk around the computer is filled with books, my computer is busy with pages and pages of articles and links... and a million ideas and questions... mostly questions... are zooming chaotically around my head... that I am just having to pause... not least because I cannot relocate that one article I want to refer to that I discovered far too late last night and shut down without saving (or remembering) - the FRUSTRATION...

So what books do I have on my desk right now? In no particular order...

  • Philosophy for Children - Marilyn Bowles
  • In Dialogue with Reggio Emilia. Listening, researching and learning - Carlina Rinaldi
  • Beyond Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care: Postmodern Perspectives. - Dahlberg, Moss and pence
  • The If Machine. Philosophical Enquiry in the classroom. - Peter Worley
  •  The Process of Education - Jerome Bruner
  •  The Learning Brain. Lessons for education - Blakemore and Frith
  • Thought and Language - Lev Vygotsky
  • Experience and Education - John Dewey
  • Understanding Schemas and Young Children. From birth to three - Atherton and Nutbrown
  • Early Childhood Matters. Evidence from the EPPE project - Sylva, Melhuish, Sammons, Siraj-Blatschford and Taggart
  • The Informed Vision - David Hawkins
  • The Language and Thought of the Child - Piaget
  • The Mosaic Approach - Moss and Clark
19 tabs are open with something interesting on each side... from Jesper Juul, Beate Børrelsen, Lipman, a list of various articles on listening - and then I have various word documents open where I have been saving quotes and articles on listening - this I have been doing over a period of time so there are a few... and some are wonderfl longs lists of quotes!!

I am also trying to make sense of all of this information overload... in a concise sort of way... which is proving difficult... as one idea trigger off another question or two or four and then another theory with even more questions... how am I going to discover my answers if I keep asking questions all the time?

Oh well... maybe time for a coffee, a moment or two to soak up some sun... and with time for reflection things might make more sense?

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  1. Hi Suzanne, I am currently reading Dahlberg and Moss's book. I am blown away by the thought that quality has been used to homogenize the school curriculum, be it preschool or any school. Who can argue with "quality?" We all want quality right? But quality too often has been used in the political arena to shape schools and school experiences into what those in power see as quality. Mind blowing! I did not get this stuff in my formal school of education.