Sunday 16 June 2013

Ice-cream dough - Eczema friendly GOO sensory play!

so here we are with newly mixed coconut body lotion and cornflour - I put extra cornflour  out so that the children could feel it in its dry state and mix it into their dough/goo as they pleased. We did it directly on the table (which went faster to clean than I had expected) and it smelled absolutely wonderful.
The reason for the lotion is because it will be kinder to the children with dry skin/eczema - I am thinking along the lines of using coconut oil next time - I am curious to see how the dough would behave coming from the fridge and changing consistency as it warms up in hands... it would also be very kind to skin and totally natural.

In the afternoon we got out the "ice-cream dough" again, but used trays this time as our work surface, it did make clean up faster... As you can see the dough snaps cleanly as you would expect cornflour to behave
the lotion bottle with pump function was available to the children - they liked to spread it out on top of the dough with the ice-cream spoons
Adding more and more lotion was great fun - watching the slippery lotion pump out and then mixing it in ... of course the bottle got quite slippery and the challenge to pump out the lotion became harder and harder, but this did not deter the children...
of the four children playing in the afternoon - two of them kept their dough quite firm, one kept their hands mess free, and three had VERY messy hands. The children had no problem washing their hands themselves - I did help though scrape of some of the goo beforehand - which became the "thing" to do - as the third child made her hands messy just so that I could do that with her - valuable one on one time!

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