Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Looking forward to midsummer celebrations

 Midsummer will be celebrated all over Sweden this coming Friday (the Friday closest to the summer solstice) - here is a picture story of how my family celebrates - taken last summer... We are lucky as this happens in a small community where we have our forest house on the same land where my husband's parents live - there are meadows, there is the forest, there is the lake and there are enough people (when guests are invited) to make a great celebration... it really reminds me of something from Astrid Lindgren's Bullerby (Noisy Village)

the day starts with picking flowers to decorate the midsummer pole - but of course that is not the only thing that is picked

finding wild strawberries takes priority!

we make crowns of flowers - using both wild flowers and bought flowers

there is dancing around the midsummer pole - many different songs

and a lot of laughter

a detail of the midsummer pole - it is a pole with a bar across with two circles hanging from either side of the bar.
lots of opportunities to find insects and frogs and toads - and to show off finds (although not mixing frogs and insects...)
after the singing and cake eating it is time to play games - a series of challenges - this one for example - how many strikes to get the nail all the way in...?
can you stack the rocks to the specified height - one for children and one for adults - there was a piece os wood to help measure...
always fun when you totally challenge how high you can go and it eventually falls down...

counting how many blocks are inside the box

And of course there is midsummer food - sill (pickled herring and other flavoured herring and a whole variety of them, new potatoes, prawn mix and salmon mix... but salmon usually features somewhere...
playing in the water as the evening comes
taking it easy in the dipping sun with some food grilled at the water's edge
watching the sun dip, but not go down... it never gets truly dark - for 24 hour daylight you have to go further north than Stockholm

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