Tuesday, 25 June 2013

learning at the light table

sometimes things just don't go as planned - next to the light table a put a whole load of boxes filled with a variety of sparkly and transparent items... and I challenged the children to create a pattern together... it was obviously too much of a challenge - as their whole focus was on possessing as many jewels as possible
talking with them just wasn't working - they were too busy ensuring no-one took from their pile to actually focus on my words - so I just started on creating a pattern of my own in the hope it would inspire...
it worked - one of the three children stopped focussing on hoarding and watched me - and then started on her own - what was interesting was that we destroyed my pattern to make room for hers... but she replicated it exactly
I started to take lots of photographs of the process, from different angles - the others stopped hoarding and started to watch
and then started creating patterns of their own... "Suzanne, Suzanne, come and take a photo of my flower..."

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