Sunday, 23 June 2013

Over time

in late April we started visiting the "Snail Park" so called because of the number of snails we have found there... we have watched how over time it has become green and then even greener - and how the plants have grown

it was easy to find snails because there was not so much greenery

and then there was an explosion of colour and height - it was suddenly transformed into a jungle from one week to the next

the pathways became narrow, almost overgrown, and too courage to brave them...

we could find different colours here there and everywhere

and yet the remarkable thing is... that our ever changing jungle - our million discoveries, all our new adventures happen in this little green space between the underground station and the centre where Filosofiska Preschool lies. How amazing nature is, that over time can tell us new stories, share new plants, new bugs and inspire new games...

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