Wednesday 10 July 2013

Children documenting

Michael filming the fishes... it was so funny as the fish really followed you when walking near the tank. Notice the huge smile on his face!
filming the reptiles - this is his own camera... he makes his own films using this including stop motion films... although we are moving over the the i-pad for stop motion films as there is an app to make life easier...
It is so interesting to see what he chooses to document and the amount of time he spends documenting the animals...
as part of the process he has got to go through his films and photos and select which ones we are downloading on to the computer. At first he wanted to keep all of them, but when I explained about how much space they took and that really we only have the space to save his favourite ones he understood he had to be selective. He managed to cut 130 films and photos to just 18 (pretty impressive I thought)

Michael also likes to document his drawings and his buildings... here he has drawn  his own nintendo DS to pretend play with...  and now he has got blogging to document his construction and play... Michael's Construction Site
Isabelle and Sophia - his big sisters - started blogging the day before... a way to document their feelings about how the planet is treated... Twin Love of the Planet is their blog... It will be interesting to see how often they all blog... and also how they reflect on what they have posted. Michael has already read his own blog several times... he has also reflected upon how he is going to take photographs in the future... there is a lot of learning going on...

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