Friday 5 July 2013

the start of a new atelier

so the large space has ben divided off with two sets of Ikea shelving, with boarding put on the back of the lower shelves - as on the other side is a little "library" and we don't want a whole load of paint squeezed onto the books

access to water - child's height. We will need to fix some sort of shelving or containers for paint brushes to dry and also to ease the process of taking care of material/tools. Behind the yellow gate/door is a room for sensory exploration and experiments. The premises used to be the post office, so we are slowly converting it after the needs of the children, the shower spaces can offer all sorts of potential, not least for cleaning up messy children covered in paint!! The other shower with a door could be used as storage?

view from the yellow gate/door - more shelving (which is going to be painted white)  with board behind - on the other side is the rest of the room, with four tables and a construction area

the division between the library and the atelier...

Now the fun will start - filling the spaces and making them more in tune with the children's needs, and our needs to meet the children in their play and learning... chatting with colleagues today about how a shelf-unit can be moved from here to there and how it could be fixed to change its entire use, well exciting does not even come close...
Now we are closed for the summer - so time to think on those ideas and time to collect and find materials...


  1. Wow, your space is lovely, Suzanne! Love all that shelving! Enjoy your summer, although it sounds as if your students and their needs won't be too far from your mind. :) We early childhood folks never TRULY take a break from it, do we. :)

    1. thanks - so excited about all the possibilities - and all the things that can go on those shelves - and HOW they can go on those shelves ... I mean we see images of other settings where everything is set up according to colour rather than the materials... at the moment I am setting up the shelves according to the material use - paints together, pens and crayons, etc etc - but the upper shelves where the children cannot reach to try and have those as inspiration shelves, so more thought into how those shelves look rather than how useful and accessible they are...

      and you are so right, there never is a TRUE break, but I would not have it any other way!! :)