Monday 22 July 2013

Outdoor surfaces

During my stay in Boulder I was fortunate to not only attend Boulder Journey School but also to be personally guided around The Wilderness Center/The Acorn School (take the time to check out their website here) - and I have gathered so much inspiration from the places and the people involved that it is going to have to be a whole series of posts with lots of different themes...

This first one is about the surfaces used in the outdoor play-spaces...

Its so important to think of the surface - not just from a safety point of view, but also a aesthetic and sensory view. I found myself taking photographs of the ground at The Wilderness Center/Acorn School and continued to do this at Boulder Journey School (take the time to check out their website here)...

In fact I found myself taking photos of ceiling decorations, lighting as well as activities, documentation, art inspiration etc etc - and that doesn't even include all the ideas I got by listening to others...

Anyway ... I can feel you are waiting for photos - so here are the first batch... in no particular order...
(BJS - Boulder Journey School..... WC/AS - Wilderness Center/Acorn School) - I have considerably more images of BJS dues to the fact I was there for 2 days and able to visit and revisit and take more photos based on the reflections I had made... I would LOVE to go back to the Wilderness Center/ Acorn School just so that I could take more photos and notice more details... as being able to go round several times each day really did offer a marvelous opportunity to reflect on what you saw, revisit and see new details that a first visit cannot...

gravel surface (BJS)

option for mud, large flagstones (BJS)

sandy gravel - perfect for mixing up with the water play - using an old slide... (BJS)

earth rocks and pine cones (BJS)

dividing the grass with a dry river bed (there is water possibility here too) (BJS)

sand - slide direct from classroom for toddlers (BJS)

wood chippings, stones and wood/tree cookies (over view coming later) (BJS)

gravel and wood-chippings(BJS)

over-view of the surface variations (BJS) - think barefoot and the possible sensory stimulation there...

wood chippings and boulders (BJS)

decking (different levels) (BJS)

light wood chippings (BJS)

covered decking and grass (BJS)

flagstones and tree cookies (WC/AS)

tree cookies (WC/AC)
decking and wood chippings (WC/AS)

wood decking, wood chippings, stone and tree decorations

tree trunks, stone edge marker and mud (hot hot summer) (WC/AS)

slightly raised grassy area has lost its grass over time, but this is how the children prefer it. The small hill gives more play opportunities, experimenting as well as supporting gross motor skill development

stone bordered by wood and wood chippings (BJS)
There will be more beautiful and inspiring photos coming from both preschools during the whole of July!

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  1. Uh-oh I feel a blog coming on about the same subject. I totally agree, a place can be transformed by the ground beneath one's feet. I've even got photos of builder's yards and options for gravel types, etc.

    Thanks for sharing.