Thursday, 4 July 2013

Making flags - USA

This was a quick activity to help the children become more familiar with the flag from United States of America - since its Independence Day tomorrow...

to make the stripes we took a roller with stripes on it (OK they were a little wriggly) and rolled it across the page... the aim was to do this in rows - but this is not always so easy for the younger children as its more about just rolling... so it was left as a process for them to listen and do if they wanted otherwise open to interpretation so to speak

a flag had been made before to give them an idea of what the American flag looks like

the stamps were made from bottle tops with 3D star stickers stuck on, simple but rather effective

there were different methods for making the stars - holing the edges of the lids or as this 2 year old worked out putting the lid down and then pressing the middle to get the pressure right to create a star (the red dot on the star came from his fingers tracing the red lines and then pointing to his stars - plenty "twinkle twinkle" being sung here...

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