Monday, 8 July 2013

Happy for no reason

“A child can teach an adult three things: to be

 happy for no reason, to always be busy with

 something, and to know how to demand with

 all his might that which he desires.”

 Paulo Coelho

I have seen this quote attached to various photographs - and the more I see this quote the more I think its just plain wrong... or at least part of it...

I feel children are happy for a reason... its just that adults fail to see that reason, or fail to place any importance on that reason so think there is no reason. This makes me upset. Why is so little value placed on children's reasons to be happy that they are considered happy for no reason?

And these days and ages - how many times do children come to adults asking to be entertained...? Have we then robbed children of their ability to always be busy with something by making them too dependent on us?
Paulo Coelho tweeted four hours ago "Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience"  then, this is what we should do - as parents, as teachers, - we should take the risk and let our children experience life - let them get busy with their own experiences and stop feeding them the ones we think they need...

As for demanding with all their might... that tends to be something we as adults try to squash first (lets be honest...). The child is demanding with all its might - and we call it a tantrum! Maybe we should be taking a leaf out of children's books and start throwing a few tantrums of our own to make a few positive changes to the world!!!

Adults have a lot to answer for...

But I think Coelho got it wrong about the "happy for no reason". Go out, look for the reasons Coelho and others think do not exist... because then you WILL find the door to happiness!

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